About Us

6 Years In Business

Est. in 2015

Our story is a continuation of a local family legacy that stretches back sixty years.

Raul’s Cocina:
Owner Story

Mini-documentary Produced by Harry Croton harry.croton@gmail.com

Anna “Salsa” Salazar

I was born & raised in the Valley of the Sun, growing up in a family tradition of culinary success. The Talent in most of our household kitchens didn’t stay at home, and the women I called Tia & Nana started many of the local staples in Phoenix. I spent my formative teenage years in the original Garcia’s Las Avenidas kitchen on 35th Ave & Encanto. In our household, salsa & hot sauce were everyday condiments, and I learned to make both before I was in high school. After school & work, my mom, a great cook too, would make such fluffy and delicious tortillas, I had to share them with you. She, along with all the other wonderful women & yes, men too. It gave me the knowledge, desire & real-life examples of what it takes to open your kitchen to the public.

I have been adding to & adjusting my recipes as the years have passed. I became known as the “go-to girl” for hot sauce & salsa at work luncheons, my son’s school & youth group events, and friends & family parties. One friend told me that I had hot sauce in my veins, and “Anna Salsa” was my friend’s choice for a nickname.

I contemplated going into business selling my hot sauce & salsa for years. After a conversation with my son, Vincent Salazar, we decided it was time. We named the company after my dad Raul Salazar who passed away when I was five years old. My mom shared many stories about his kitchen prowess. I am blessed to have great recipes encoded in my genes & hot sauce in my veins.

From Our Family To Yours,

Anna “Salsa” Salazar

Raul’s Cocina 

currently at Uptown Farmers Market on the SE corner of Central & Bethany Home road. Please come by & sample our Hot Sauce & Fire Roasted Salsa!


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