Raul’s Cocina

Our Family Tradition of Mexican Food with a Vegan Take

Made Locally!

A Legacy of Phoenix Family Owned Mexican Restaurants Since 1964. La Canasta, Garcias, & Manuel’s Local Favorites Paved the Way for our Vegan versions of Homemade Mexican-American Staples.

Uptown Farmers Market

5757 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Open 8am to 1pm Saturday
Open 9am to 12pm Wednesday

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Every single tamale tastes like divinity in a corn husk.”

– Niki D’Andrea, Phoenix New Times

Owners Story
Raul’s Cocina with
Chef Anna Salazar

Mini-documentary about Raul’s Cocina owner Anna Salazar. Produced by Harry Croton harry.croton@gmail.com

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